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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mount Huangshan

Card # 34 These postcard sent to me by Jue Huang

Mount Huang, added in UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990. Its well known for scenery, sunsets, peculiarly-shaped granite peaks, Huangshan Pine trees, and views of the clouds from above as what can see from my postcard. It's gained its unique rock formation in the Quaternary Glaciation around 100 million years ago. During the Qin Dynasty, Mount Huang was known as Yishan (Mount Yi). In 747 AD, its name was changed to Huangshan (Mount Huang) by imperial decree the name is commonly thought to have been coined in honor of Huang Di (the Yellow Emperor), a legendary Chinese emperor and the mythological ancestor of the Han Chinese one legend states that Mount Huang was the location from which the Yellow Emperor ascended to Heaven. Another legend states that the Yellow Emperor "cultivated moral character and refined pills of immortality in the mountains, and in so doing gave the mountains his name. The first use of this name "Mount Huang" is often attributed to Chinese poet Li Bai. Mount Huang was fairly inaccessible and little-known in ancient times, but its change of name in 747 AD seems to have brought the area more attention; from then on, the area was visited frequently and many temples were built there. Read more

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