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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rajput Regimental Center, Fatehgarh

FDC No. 2
Issued by: The Army Postal Service 20 Nov 2010

First Day Cover Illustration: 90 Glorious Years Rajput Regimental

The Rajput Regiment is a regiment in the Indian Army that is composed primarily of the Rajput clans from India. The British designated the Rajputs as a martial race and subsequently employed large numbers of these warriors in the British Indian Army.

The Rajput Regimental center is in Fatehgarh, Uttar Pradesh. The regiment nowadays recruits Rajputs, Gujjars, Hindu Bengalis, Ahirs, Muslims, Jats, Mazhabi & Ramdasia Sikhs and Dogras. A war memorial was erected at Fetehgarh in 1932. It is in a form of a chattri, with its dome resting on six pillars, each representing a battalion at that time and bearing its crest. The regimental motto is Sarvatra Vijaya, which means Victory Everywhere and the war cry is Bajrang Bali Ki Jai.
The association of the Rajputs with the British Indian Army started in 1778, when the 3rd Battalion was raised as the 31st Regiment Bengal Native Infantry. Two other battalions the 1st and 2nd were raised in 1798. Read more

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