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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Landmark Bridges of India

Date of issues: 17/7/2007
Howrah Bridge, Mahatma Gandhi Setu,
Pamban Bridge, Vidyasagar Setu

Howrah Bridge links the city of Howrah to its twin city, Kolkata (Calcutta). On 14 June 1965 it was renamed Rabindra Setu, after Rabindranath Tagore a great poet, till now it's still know as Howrah Bridge. Read more
View of Howrah Bridge (1945).

Mahatma Gandhi Setu a bridge over the river Ganges, was the longest river bridge in India. It connects Patna in the south to Hajipur in north. It was inaugurated in May 1982 by the then Prime Minister, Mrs Indira Gandhi. Read more
Mahatma Gandhi Setu bridge

The Pamban Bridge a type of cantilever bridge on the Palk Strait connects Rameswaram on Pamban Island to mainland India. It refers to both the road bridge and the cantilever railway bridge. It was India's first sea bridge. Read more
Pamban Bridge

Vidyasagar Setu, also known as the Second Hooghly Bridge, is a toll bridge for all vehicles. At a total length of 822.96 m, it is the longest cable-stayed bridge in India and one of the longest in Asia. Read more
Vidyasagar Setu Second Hooghly Bridge
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