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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jewish Quarter and St. Procopius' Basilica in Trebíc

Card No. 147

Třebíč is a city in the Moravian part of the Vysočina Region of the Czech Republic.
Třebíč is situated 35 km southeast of Jihlava and 65 km west of Brno on the Jihlava River. Třebíč is from 392 to 503 metres above sea-level. Třebíč has a temperate climate with occasional rains. Average annual temperature is 7.5°C, average temperature in July is 18.5°C and -3.4°C in January.

Třebíč is a regional centre with a population of approximately 40,000. In the age of expansion Třebíč was third most important town in Moravia. The population growth started after World War II. Třebíč is an important regional center today. There are many sights. The Jewish Quarter and St Procopius' Basilica is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read more
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